8+ Best Keyword Research Tools For Free

Today in this post we will know about Best Keyword Research Tools For Free.

If you are a blogger or website owner then you must know how important it is for you to do keyword research for your blog.

Even just good keywords can earn you lakhs of rupees.

So now you must have known how important it is to do keyword research for your blog and blog post.

If you write good content but do not use target keywords and LSI in it, then your competitors will overtake you.

We cannot be successful by just creating a good blog and writing good content in it. For success, you need that you write what people search and use those keywords in your content, which keywords people search in search engines like Google.

Only then your written posts will rank in google SERP and people will know about your blog.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Free

What is Keyword Research?

If you do not know, then before clicking on the given link, you can read about the basic of Keywords Research.

There are many paid tools in the market today. But the problem is that not everyone can afford it. So will he not be able to rank? So it is not like that, using many free keyword research tools, people rank and earn money.

Today I will tell you 10 free keyword research tools, with the help of which you can extract a lot of keywords.

Best Keyword Research Tools For Free

You must have got the basic idea about Keyword Research, but the most important thing is how to do keyword research and how to rank our blog post in SERP with the help of correct keywords.

So Keywords Research tools are also free and paid tools too but today through this post we will know about 10 Best Keyword Research Tools For Free.

Google Organic keywords are the Best Keyword Research Tools For Free

Google Smart Search and Organic Search is not a tool but a method which I will tell you in this post. Whenever you go to write a blog post on any of your keywords, then you type that keyword in Google and press one step backspace once before entering, you will see some such results and then scroll down a bit

google search keyword finder

These are the keywords that people find through Google Search Engine, with the help of these keywords, you can easily make the main topic of your blog post and its sub-heading.

By just looking at the keywords, you should not decide your main topic, among those keywords, you have to find such main keywords whose volume is good and the competition is low.

After finding keywords with low competition and high volume, if you write a seo friendly content, then your posts can be ranked very easily. To check the volume and competition of any keywords, you can use the below free keyword research tool. can do.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Tool is Google’s own Free Keyword Research Tool which is a part of google ads, basically it is designed keeping in mind google advertisers so that advertisers can run effective google ads campaign with the help of right keywords. But we can use it as a keyword research tool.

To use Google keywords planner, you have to create an account in google ads, only after that you can use google keyword planner tool.

In Google Ads, the account is created for free, you do not need to pay any money or fee. Yes, but now when you create your account in the new dashboard, you will be asked to run the campaign, you can skip it and use your Google Keyword Planner Tool for free.

You will be able to understand by watching this video how to create an account in Google Keyword Planner Tool and how to use it.

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

This is my favorite SEO tool. It is also called All In One SEO Tool. Along with extracting keywords in this tool, you want to find the broken links of the website, check the authority of the website, you can do all these things for free, you do not have to spend any money in this.

Ahrefs free Keyword Generator

You can do all this work in one click. Here you can see all the SEO metrics that will help you rank. It works not just for Google but for all engines. Like – Yahoo, Bing, Amazon.

It removes keywords for about 170 countries. It has 8 billion data.

SEMRush Keyword Tool

When we are talking about free tool then what is special about this tool? The name of this tool is “Keyword Magic Tool”. It really is a magic tool. The most important thing is that it also tells the intent (purpose) of the keyword.

semrush free Keyword Generator

It gives complete freedom to filter keywords. If you want low competition keywords directly, then you can search it. Which saves your time. Along with keywords, you can also exclude questions that the reader asks.

This tool was established in 2008 with only two tools. Today it has made multi tools. Now helps in the growth of digital marketing in the world. And helps you increase visibility in SERPs.


Ubersuggest is very popular and favorite free keyword research tool which is created by Neil Patel from which you can do free keyword research for your blog post as well as in this you can find volume, competition and SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty of that keyword. And you can also check the cost per click amount. Which is very important to know when we go to write a blog post.


Ubersuggest is a very good free keyword research tool, in this along with keyword research, you get many more options such as you can find Keywords and Content Idea, you can audit your site, know the keywords of your competitors’ site. And also about their top pages.

With Ubersuggest, you can plan your content writing strategies. It is available in both version free keyword research tool and paid tool also.

Whatsmyserp – Rank Tracker & SERP tracker

This one is another best keyword finder tool for new or old bloggers. If you finding some new keywords or any type of keywords then this may helps you a lot. I personally use this tool free plugin. which may provide me every type of short and long tail keyword with its keyword volume and cpc rate in dollar.

you see it in the given picture.

I here, search for “what is SEO” and i select country as india then it showing results with volume and cpc, at the side bar it also so some other keywords with its volume and cpc.


KW Finder

We all try that we get such keywords which have high volume and low seo difficulty and mostly new bloggers are suggested to focus on long tail keywords.

So KW Finder is such a free keyword research tool that helps in finding your long tail keywords and also helps you with keywords with high volume and low seo difficulty with more accurate results.

Keyword Tool.io the Best Keyword Research Tools For Hindi Blog Too

If you ask which is the Free Keyword Research Tool for Hindi Blog, then the answer is Keyword Tool.io. Yes, Keyword Tool.io does keyword research very well for Hindi blogs as well, and if you want, you can also do keyword research for your other social media with the help of this tool.

Keyword Tool.io is a free keyword research tool, from this you can get long tail keywords very easily and its paid version is also available.

Word Tracker

You can also do your free keyword research with Word Tracker, with the help of this tool, you can research up to 12 keywords per day in a day. Word Tracker is a free tool but you can also see keyword volume, competition in this but per day. You will have some limits.

Final Words

Today You learned about the best Keyword Research Tools For Free Whenever you write your blog post, you should do 1-2 keyword research on your blog post and find a keyword that has low competition and more search volume than your blog. The posts will rank quickly and you will save yourself from the competition.

Nothing will happen just by going to Best Keyword Research Tools For Free, you will have to make keyword research your habit and when you have a list of keywords ready for your blog post, then you have to implement those keywords in your blog post in a natural way. Do not do keyword stuffing. You write something related to every keyword so that it will naturally feel like doing those keywords.

You should write your blog posts for users because the more user-friendly your blog posts are, the more visitors will join you and share your posts, which will increase the ranking of your blog.

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