What Is Blog Title: How to make SEO Friendly Blog Title?

If you are a blogger or a content writer, then your first objective will be that your blog and your blog article perform well in Google Search Engine, get good ranking and more and more people click on your article from the search engine and visit your blog. Come

If so, then today you have come to the right place, today I am going to discuss some similar things with you, which will improve the ranking of your blog, you will get more organic traffic and you will be able to earn more and more money from your blogs.

Blog Title

See, if you want your blog to get a lot of organic traffic from Google, then you have to increase the Organic Search CTR. To increase Organic Search CTR, you have to pay attention to these three things :-

  • Blog Title
  • Permalink
  • Blog Meta Description / Blog Content

Whenever a user searches anything on Google, he mostly only sees these things Title, Meta Description and Permalink of your blog. If you have done Blog Post in a Well Organized manner, then there are more chances that your article will be seen in Google’s featured snippets as seen in the image above.

blog title demo

For this, you have to do high quality articles, see how much traffic you take to your website, if your content is not correct, then people will bounce back from your site, will not stop on your blog and will go back, which will give negative signal to Google.

That your content is not good and articles will start getting de-ranked.

That’s why before clicking clicks, you need to publish very high quality articles in your blog, do internal linking of it well, so that you will rank in Google SERP. After this, today I will tell you how you can bring more and more people to your website by making Title and Meta Data Attractive.

When more and more people will come to your website and your blog content will not be User Friendly, as well as you will keep internal links well, then the user will stay in your blog for a long time, read and visit other page views, which will rank up your blog and You will also have maximum earning.

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Popular Blog Title Format

Here I am telling you some such blog title format which according to a research gets more clicks as if you start your blog title with some words like :-

  • Top 10 or Top 20, Top 50…
  • How to …
  • List of….
  • Don’ do that
  • Secret’s
  • Vs (Versus Title)
  • Amazing
  • Best

See, you always have to attract the attention of your user with your Blog Title, so that he feels that the correct answer to the query he is searching is in your blog and if he clicks attached to your title, he comes to your blog.

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