What is Adsense Auto Ads | How To Set UP Auto Ads In Blog?

Friends, here in this post you all know about What is Adsense Auto Ads adn How To Set UP Auto Ads In Blog? So, lets know about it.

One of the goals of making a blog for every blogger is to earn money. To earn from Adsense in blog. It is necessary that the AdSense ad should be placed or shown in the right place of the blog post.

If you do not know how to setup adsense ad in blog. So you should add Adsense Auto Ads to your blog. Whose process is quite easy. By the way, you can also manually place ads in your blog. But its process is a bit difficult. Whereas the process of Auto Ads is quite easy.

What is Adsense auto ads?

After creating a blog and getting Adsense approval in it. Our first task is how to do the proper placement of Adsense ads in our blog to show it?

For this, we have to put the code received from Adsense in our blog. And only after that adsense shows start showing in our blog.

We can place Adsense ads in our blog in two ways. The first way out of which is that we can put the code from Adsense in our blog ourselves. And another way is to put Adsense’s auto ad in your blog.

If you adopted the first method i.e. to put the Adsense code in the blog yourself. So here you have the option to decide in which position and where the ads will be shown in your blog post.

Whereas if you selected Adsense Auto Ad. So you have to take the code from Adsense Auto Ad and put it in your blog only once. After this, Google decides where and how many shows will be done in your blog post.

People who have a lot of experience in blogging. They have good knowledge of ad placement. For them, it is right to put the first option i.e. Adsense ad code in the blog itself.

But for new and inexperienced blogger, it is right to choose Adsense Auto Ad. Because this frees them from the hassle of repeatedly selecting ad location in their blog. Anyway, I’m bloggers. It is rarely known that ad shows should be done in these parts of the blog.

Benefits of Adsense auto ads.

There are also many benefits of applying Adsense Auto Ad in your blog.

  • After writing a new blog post, it gets rid of the hassle of placing ads for Adsense’s AIDS show.
  • It is completely mobile friendly. Due to which the aids are adjusted according to the size of the screen.
  • If you do not know how to properly place Adsense ads in the blog manually. So in such a situation, Adsense Auto Ads helps you.
  • Google Adsense stops showing ads when there are invalid clicks in ads.
  • There are chances of getting more clicks.
  • Using Adsense auto ads block reduces the risk of Adsense account being disabled.
  • Adsense auto shows ads according to the AIDS page. because of. There is hope of getting good CPC.

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Disadvantages of Adsense auto ads.

Along with the advantages of Adsense Auto Ads, there are also some disadvantages. like …

  • You are not able to learn how to place AdSense ads in the blog.
  • There are chances of deteriorating the page setup of the blog. Because AdSense auto ads need space to show.
  • The loading speed of the block may/ may be reduced when Adsense auto ads are installed in the blog.
  • You cannot place AIDS anywhere in the blog post of your own free will.

How to set up Adsense Auto Ads

First of all login to your Adsense account. Then in the Dashboard, select the Add option and click on it.

On clicking, you will see the url of your blog at the bottom of the screen in front of you. You will find it written off in front of it. A pen icon will appear in front of it, click on it.

How to set up Adsense Auto Ads

Now the screen of ad settings preview will open in front of you. Where the url of your blog will appear, turn on the option of auto add in front of it. Now come back to the previous screen and in front of your URL. Turn on photo add. In the same screen, take the code from the Get Code option and copy it. and then. Click on apply to site below.

Now the code you copied. Save the theme by adding it to the head section of the blogger blog. Now after 1 hour of saving, Adsense ads will start appearing in your blog.


I think you all know about What is Adsense Auto Ads. i may helps you to get higher clicks on your blog and also higher cpc. So, you must use these options on your website.

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